Young man working from home on his laptop. He is using collaboration tools to teleconnect with the home office, a current trend in business culture.

Five Ways Collaboration Tools Are Changing Business Culture

Businesses are changing. Collaboration tools are at the forefront. These five ways collaboration tools are causing change are perhaps the most important.
Young man using WebEx web conferencing via his laptop to connect with the office while working from home. BYOD (bring your own device) is a business trend more and more employees are leaning towards.

WebEx Video Conferencing Links People Using BYOD or the Office

Cisco WebEx, the original web conference software, continues to push business forward with collaborative video conferencing and collaboration.
A modern-day workplace: two individuals in a conference room connecting with four other colleagues via telepresence video communication.

From Antiquity to Today: Charting Telepresence through Time

While companies like Cisco have helped realize the potential for video collaboration (telepresence), the desire to connect over distances has existed throughout history.