Enterprise Communications: An Overview

Businesses rely on several technologies and services to facilitate internal and external communication. Cloud-based unified communications brings all these solutions under one roof so the company can control and manage its entire communication infrastructure from a single platform.
what is ucaas

Knowing These 3 UCaaS Terms Will Help You Find a Great UCaaS Partner

2021 is a lot like 1 year ago; except we cannot kid ourselves…
Young man using WebEx web conferencing via his laptop to connect with the office while working from home. BYOD (bring your own device) is a business trend more and more employees are leaning towards.

WebEx Video Conferencing Links People Using BYOD or the Office

Cisco WebEx, the original web conference software, continues to push business forward with collaborative video conferencing and collaboration.
Individual on a tablet, communicating with a colleague using the chat platform Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber Brings Video, Text, and Audio Chat to Cisco Presence

Discover how Cisco takes the original Jabber open source chat protocol and software to provide modern integrated video, audio, and text communications.