How to Boost Your Workplace Productivity and Efficiency With Unified Communication

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5 Ways to Maximize WebEx Teams

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7 Business Practices That Could Ease Meeting Fatigue

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Young man using WebEx web conferencing via his laptop to connect with the office while working from home. BYOD (bring your own device) is a business trend more and more employees are leaning towards.

WebEx Video Conferencing Links People Using BYOD or the Office

Cisco WebEx, the original web conference software, continues to push business forward with collaborative video conferencing and collaboration.
Individual on a tablet, communicating with a colleague using the chat platform Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber Brings Video, Text, and Audio Chat to Cisco Presence

Discover how Cisco takes the original Jabber open source chat protocol and software to provide modern integrated video, audio, and text communications.
Cisco Webex Proximity

Cisco Proximity: Connecting Mobile Devices and WebEx

Watch this quick video to learn how to use your mobile device to view content from a WebEx meeting. With Intelligent Proximity from Cisco, you are able to view meeting materials right on your personal device--all without WebEx meeting dial-in details.

Three Things You Can Do to Get More Out of Cisco WebEx

Highlights of few simple things you can do to enhance the WebEx experience – for you and your audiences.